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  • 26% Drama
  • 14% Fantasy
  • 13% Sci-Fi
  • 12% Action
  • 9% Adventure
  • 5% Mystery
  • 21% Others
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Any body would think im dramatic LOL judging by the series i like follow and have watched.

Favorite Series
Scorpion Season 3 Episode 4
Im with everyone else i just dont know how to react..
The Librarians
Although i love the librarians i really do like warehouse 13 more for some reason..
Teen Wolf
Love it , Love stiles !! and for some reason found the twins freaking sexy!!!
I love this show!
Naaaw i think i skipped a episode :( now im gonna have to watch every single one again :P just kidding well i did but thats just an excuse to recap LOL ive fallen inlove with perishes seductive eyes and her lips.. Oh *Melts* .. LOL ill give it a Recommend and a A+ for what i have watched soo far :(
12 Monkeys
I Really dont want to wait for the second season! hurry up and air already!!
I Enjoyed watching every minute of it. the only thing i dont like about the series is that they never renewed for a second season i mean come on its not bad. i dont know what cw was thinking letting this series go. it had sooo much potential. that was a wrong move deciding not to have a second season. i mean i find it better than twilight and the whole vampire and werewolves business. think ive thrown out my vampire teeth for some Atrian Tattos on the side of my face.. #BringBackStarCrossed
Orphan Black
Loved it since episode one. and have followed ever since.. cannot wait for season four. im excited to see what the writers have installed for us viewers.