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Favorite Series

Born This Way
Get this shit out of the new series page, it's been at the top of the new series page for like 3 goddamn years
Westworld Season 1 Episode 10
that finale was mind-blowing
Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 1
i have cried only twice ever watching any movie or tv show ever, idk if it was the weed but i cried 3 times in the first episode
Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 13
brings me near tears every time
Preacher Season 1 Episode 3
I haven't been this excited about a show since Flash started airing.
This show is absolutely amazing. But jesus christ that cliffhanger!!!!!!!
Holy shit is this guy f***cking Jesus?!
The Magicians (2016) Season 1 Episode 9
this show does such a frustrating and perfect way of doing cliffhangers
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8
omfg you're gonna leave us with that cliffhanger D:
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Holy shit I am in love with this show. When she she defiles gods name its the absolute best. Just say it! God D***!!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 11
nice episodes. a little anti-climatic but cool developments with cisco
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
I find it completely hilarious and ironic that Arthur Darvill is the lead. lol gone from companion to a Time Lord on to becoming a Time Master himself.