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Favorite Series

Penny Dreadful
Starts out strong, slows down a crawl. It is not such a bad show, and it stays beautiful throughout the seasons. However, it should've been named Vannesa Ives rather than Penny Dreadful. A lot of the other characters' stories were simply poked at or completely untouched.
Z Nation
GG! I started watching this show very late on the series. At first I couldn't pin point what exactly was going on or why... But for some reason, I kept smirking, chuckling, laughing and just having a good time watching this series. Though the moral dilemas aren't as in-depth as TWD - and I will stop right there because TWD is a modernization of zombie shows. Z Nation stands more with the classic way zombies were portrayed back in the 80s and 90s all the while taking a ridiculous approach that so
Excellent show. It isn't slow. It doesn't have Mary Sue characters like in Lost Girl. The character development across the seasons is something to admire as they don't just go from this to that. The way they use folklore, the way the characters make their research on it and how they explain some of the origins is fantastic, so much that with every given quote they give us at the start of the show, it makes me go and refresh my mind on the tale they quoted - and more than just mildly used for the