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Favorite Series
Cant rate this series right now based only in the 1st episod. At the fist sigth, i became confused between the scenes i was seeing..."is this X-men, professor X school for the gifted, or is this some kind of Hoggward's....?". As i wrote, in general, the rating is at 9 stars...the series only have 7 episodes, but for now, with the first one, couldn't give it mor than 4 stars...(keep in mind that this is only "MY" opinion, everyone should see and evalluate by him/herself)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 13
Don't consider it a spoiler...i mean.: "Rip is is back" is not spoiling a thing.
Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 1
One thing is for sure...EDIT music make everithing better! And 2nd season is way better than the 1st one...
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
The only thing thats botters me is....Reverse Flash allways messing arround with time, changes all kind of things, all good. Legends trying do keep damage limited but allways messing arround, consequences minimal. Barry Allen on every single jump he makes all shit goes BOOM, everything goes nuts!!!!
Arrow Season 5 Episode 8
Glad to see that no one is the same and that are allways two poinsts of view for everything. Some hate it, but others love it.... Just watch it and decide on your own!
will the season 2 be released at alll? Good show on the episodes posted, but wanted to see the rest of it
The only thing that i advice is to watch the pilot. Dont go for reviews ot 3rd party opinions...personaly i found it a curious serie, good acting, gr8 music, it as all to keep arround.
Penny Dreadful
Honestly, the best serie in a long long time....after 3 seasons this will be remembered as an underdog show. So much bad series arround with endless plots and still on air. At leat this one end in his prime and will not be "destroyed" on a futere season. I have to admit, this one goes away from the screens with the head up!
This mean that Jorah the andal is dead or will be away for a season or 2?
Powers (2015)
well, story is a nice one but the fx are lazy as f**..after season 1 i read that it was canceled and now here it is for a second try...
Game of Thrones
Damm is just me or none of the episodes name for season 6 is the correct one...
Teen Wolf
well...teen show!? dont think so :) For some time i thought this was bullsh**t till start seeing it on season 2...got to say, this season 5 was the "worst", didnt like to see a weak scott doing nothing, but end well...for those wondering about a season 6....watch?v=Ulm07-HmZfU
The 100 Season 3 Episode 7
Afterwards, this story is more complex than we thought at the begining... This season brought a new light to this world of devastation and rebirth of human kind
Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 8
I like the series, believe its better than the movie, far way better! But the character of Claire and Simon are so, so annoying....
Second Chance (2016) Season 1 Episode 7
Weel, pilote hooked us...then you see this like no story at all because every weak its all solved. Monster of Frankenstein turned into a CSI or NCIS, or Castle....but the you realize that this serie is all about feelings...all about 3 family strugguling to repair their bounds... this is getting better and better!!
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18
Damm....i hate this!!! Was hopping that The Beast was Allison :/